Contoh Cerpen Bahasa Inggris Serta Terjemahan

There was a king who had twelve beautiful daughters. They slept in twelve beds all in one room; and when they went to bed, the doors were shut and locked up; but every morning their shoes were found to be quite worn through as if they had been danced in all night; and yet nobody could find out how it happened, or where they had been.
Then the king made it known to all the land, that if any person could discover the secret, and find out where it was that the princesses danced in the night, he should have the one he liked best for his wife, and should be king after his death; but whoever tried and did not succeed, after three days and nights, should be put to death.

 A king’s son soon came. He was well entertained, and in the evening was taken to the chamber next to the one where the princesses lay in their twelve beds. There he was to sit and watch where they went to dance; and, in order that nothing might pass without his hearing it, the door of his chamber was left open. But the king’s son soon fell asleep; and when he awoke in the morning he found that the princesses had all been dancing, for the soles of
 their shoes were full of holes. The same thing happened the second and third night: so the king ordered his head to be cut off. After him came several others; but they had all the same luck, and all lost their lives in the same manner.
 Now it chanced that an old soldier, who had been wounded in battle and could fight no longer, passed through the country where this king reigned: and as he was travelling through a wood, he met an old woman, who asked him where he was going. ‘I hardly know where I am going, or what I had better do,’ said the soldier; ‘but I think I should like very well to find out where it is that the princesses dance, and then in time I might be a king.’ ‘Well,’ said the old dame, ‘that is no very hard task: only take care not to drink any of the wine which one of the princesses will bring to you in the evening; and as soon as she leaves you pretend to be fast asleep.’
              Then she gave him a cloak, and said, ‘As soon as you put that on you will become invisible, and you will then be able to follow the princesses wherever they go.’ When the soldier heard all this good counsel, he determined to try his luck: so he went to the king, and said he was willing to undertake the task.
 He was as well received as the others had been, and the king ordered fine royal robes to be given him; and when the evening came he was led to the outer chamber. Just as he was going to lie down, the eldest of the princesses brought him a cup of wine; but the soldier threw it all away secretly, taking care not to drink a drop. Then he laid himself down on his bed, and in a little while began to snore very loud as if he was fast asleep. When the twelve princesses heard this they laughed heartily; and the eldest said, ‘This fellow too might have done a wiser thing than lose his life in this way!’ Then they rose up and opened their drawers and boxes, and took out all their fine clothes, and dressed themselves at the glass, and skipped about as if they were eager to begin dancing. But the youngest said,
‘I don’t know how it is, while you are so happy I feel very uneasy; I am sure some mischance will befall us.’ ‘You simpleton,’ said the eldest, ‘you are always afraid; have you forgotten how many kings’ sons have already watched in vain? And as for this soldier, even if I had not given him his sleeping draught, he would have slept soundly enough.’
 When they were all ready, they went and looked at the soldier; but he snored on, and did not stir hand or foot: so they thought they were quite safe; and the eldest went up
 to her own bed and clapped her hands, and the bed sank into the floor and a trap-door flew open. The soldier saw them going down through the trap-door one after another, the eldest leading the way; and thinking he had no time to lose, he jumped up, put on the cloak which the old woman had given him, and followed them; but in the middle of the stairs he trod on the gown of the youngest princess, and she cried out to her sisters, ‘All is not right; someone took hold of my gown.’ ‘You silly creature!’ said the eldest, ‘it is nothing but a nail in the wall.’ Then down they all went, and at the bottom they found themselves in a most delightful grove of trees; and the leaves were all of silver, and glittered and sparkled beautifully. The soldier wished to take away some token of the place; so he broke off a little branch, and there came a loud noise from the tree. Then the youngest daughter said again, ‘I am sure all is not right—did not you hear that noise? That never happened before.’ But the eldest said, ‘It is only our princes, who are shouting for joy at our approach.’
Then they came to another grove of trees, where all the leaves were of gold; and afterwards to a third, where the leaves were all glittering diamonds. And the soldier broke a branch from each; and every time there was a loud noise, which made the youngest sister tremble with fear;
but the eldest still said, it was only the princes, who were crying for joy. So they went on till they came to a great lake; and at the side of the lake there lay twelve little boats with twelve handsome princes in them, who seemed to be waiting there for the princesses.
One of the princesses went into each boat, and the soldier stepped into the same boat with the youngest. As they were rowing over the lake, the prince who was in the boat with the youngest princess and the soldier said, ‘I do not know why it is, but though I am rowing with all my might we do not get on so fast as usual, and I am quite tired: the boat seems very heavy today.’ ‘It is only the heat of the weather,’ said the princess: ‘I feel it very warm too.’ On the other side of the lake stood a fine illuminated castle, from which came the merry music of horns and trumpets. There they all landed, and went into the castle, and each prince danced with his princess; and the soldier, who was all the time invisible, danced with them too; and when any of the princesses had a cup of wine set by her, he drank it all up, so that when she put the cup to her mouth it was empty. At this, too, the youngest sister was terribly frightened, but the eldest always silenced her. They danced on till three o’clock in the morning, and then all their shoes were worn out, so that they were
obliged to leave off. The princes rowed them back again over the lake (but this time the soldier placed himself in the boat with the eldest princess); and on the opposite shore they took leave of each other, the princesses promising to come again the next night.
When they came to the stairs, the soldier ran on before the princesses, and laid himself down; and as the twelve sisters slowly came up very much tired, they heard him snoring in his bed; so they said, ‘Now all is quite safe’; then they undressed themselves, put away their fine clothes, pulled off their shoes, and went to bed. In the morning the soldier said nothing about what had happened, but determined to see more of this strange adventure, and went again the second and third night; and every thing happened just as before; the princesses danced each time till their shoes were worn to pieces, and then returned home. However, on the third night the soldier carried away one of the golden cups as a token of where he had been.
 As soon as the time came when he was to declare the secret, he was taken before the king with the three branches and the golden cup; and the twelve princesses stood listening behind the door to hear what he would say. And when the king asked him. ‘Where do my twelve
daughters dance at night?’ he answered, ‘With twelve princes in a castle under ground.’ And then he told the king all that had happened, and showed him the three branches and the golden cup which he had brought with him. Then the king called for the princesses, and asked them whether what the soldier said was true: and when they saw that they were discovered, and that it was of no use to deny what had happened, they confessed it all. And the king asked the soldier which of them he would choose for his wife; and he answered, ‘I am not very young, so I will have the eldest.’—And they were married that very day, and the soldier was chosen to be the king’s heir.

      Ada seorang raja yang mempunyai dua belas anak perempuan yang cantik. Mereka tidur di dua belas tempat tidur semua dalam satu ruangan, dan ketika mereka pergi tidur, pintu ditutup dan dikunci, tetapi setiap pagi sepatu mereka ditemukan cukup dipakai melalui seolah-olah mereka telah menari-nari di sepanjang malam dan belum ada bisa mencari tahu bagaimana hal itu terjadi, atau di mana mereka telah. 
      Lalu raja berhasil diketahui semua tanah, bahwa jika setiap orang bisa menemukan rahasia, dan mencari tahu di mana itu adalah bahwa putri menari di malam hari, ia harus memiliki yang ia sukai untuk istrinya, dan harus menjadi raja setelah kematian-Nya, tetapi barangsiapa mencoba dan tidak berhasil, setelah tiga hari dan malam, harus dihukum mati.
      Seorang anak raja segera datang. Dia juga terhibur, dan di malam hari dibawa ke ruang sebelah satu di mana putri mereka berbaring di dua belas tempat tidur. Di sana dia duduk dan menonton di mana mereka pergi untuk menari; dan, agar tidak ada yang bisa lulus tanpa pendengarannya itu, pintu kamarnya dibiarkan terbuka. Tetapi anak raja segera jatuh tertidur, dan ketika ia terbangun di pagi hari ia menemukan bahwa putri memiliki semua menari sudah, untuk telapak
       sepatu mereka penuh lubang. Hal yang sama terjadi pada malam kedua dan ketiga: jadi raja memerintahkan kepalanya akan dipotong. Setelah dia datang beberapa orang lain, tetapi mereka semua keberuntungan yang sama, dan semua kehilangan nyawa mereka dengan cara yang sama.
        Sekarang kebetulan bahwa seorang tentara tua, yang telah terluka dalam pertempuran dan bisa bertempur lagi, melewati negara di mana raja ini memerintah: dan saat ia melakukan perjalanan melalui hutan, ia bertemu dengan seorang wanita tua, yang bertanya di mana ia pergi. "Aku tidak tahu ke mana Aku pergi, atau apa yang sebaiknya aku lakukan," kata tentara itu, "tapi saya pikir saya ingin sangat baik untuk mencari tahu di mana itu adalah bahwa tarian putri, dan kemudian dalam waktu aku mungkin raja '' Well, 'kata dame tua,' bahwa ada tugas yang sangat sulit: hanya menjaga untuk tidak minum dari anggur yang salah satu putri akan membawa kepada Anda di malam hari, dan segera setelah dia meninggalkan Anda berpura-pura. harus cepat tidur. "
    Lalu ia memberinya jubah, dan berkata, "Segera setelah Anda menempatkan bahwa pada Anda akan menjadi tidak terlihat, dan Anda kemudian akan mampu mengikuti putri mana saja mereka pergi." Ketika tentara itu mendengar semua ini nasihat yang baik, ia bertekad untuk mencoba keberuntungannya: jadi dia pergi ke raja, dan mengatakan ia bersedia melakukan tugas.
    Ia juga diterima sebagai yang lain yang telah, dan raja memerintahkan jubah kerajaan denda yang harus diberikan kepadanya, dan ketika malam tiba ia dibawa ke ruang luar. Sama seperti ia akan berbaring, anak tertua dari putri membawakan secangkir anggur, tetapi prajurit membuang semua itu diam-diam, mengurus untuk tidak minum setetes. Lalu ia meletakkan dirinya di atas tempat tidurnya, dan dalam beberapa saat mulai mendengkur sangat keras seolah-olah ia cepat tertidur. Ketika dua belas putri mendengar ini mereka tertawa riang, dan yang tertua berkata, '! Orang ini juga mungkin telah melakukan hal yang lebih bijaksana daripada kehilangan nyawanya dengan cara ini' Kemudian mereka bangkit dan membuka laci dan kotak, dan mengambil semua mereka pakaian bagus, dan berpakaian sendiri di kaca, dan melewatkan sekitar seolah-olah mereka ingin segera menari. Tapi termuda berkata,
    "Aku tidak tahu bagaimana itu, sementara Anda begitu senang saya merasa sangat tidak enak;. Saya yakin beberapa kesialan akan menimpa kita 'tolol' Anda," kata yang tertua, "kau selalu takut, memiliki Anda lupa berapa banyak anak raja sudah melihat sia-sia? Dan untuk prajurit ini, bahkan jika aku tidak memberinya obat tidur, ia akan cukup tidur nyenyak. "
Ketika mereka semua siap, mereka pergi dan melihat prajurit, tetapi ia mendengkur, dan tak bergerak tangan atau kaki: sehingga mereka pikir mereka cukup aman, dan si sulung naik

     ke tempat tidur sendiri dan bertepuk tangan, dan tempat tidur tenggelam ke lantai dan jebakan-pintu terbang terbuka. Tentara itu melihat mereka turun melalui satu perangkap-pintu setelah yang lain, yang tertua memimpin jalan, dan berpikir ia tidak punya waktu untuk kalah, dia melompat, memakai jubah perempuan tua yang telah memberinya, dan mengikuti mereka; tetapi di tengah tangga, ia menginjak gaun dari putri bungsu, dan ia berseru kepada adik-adiknya, adalah Semua tidak benar;. seseorang memegang gaun saya! "Kau makhluk konyol 'kata si sulung,' itu tidak lain hanyalah sebuah paku di dinding "Lalu hati mereka semua pergi, dan di bawah mereka menemukan diri mereka di sebuah kebun yang paling menyenangkan pohon;. dan daun semua dari perak, dan berkilauan dan indah berkilauan. Tentara ingin mengambil sebagian tanda tempat itu, sehingga ia mematahkan cabang sedikit, dan terdengar suara keras dari pohon. Kemudian anak bungsu berkata lagi, "Saya yakin semua tidak benar-tidak Anda mendengar suara itu? Yang tidak pernah terjadi sebelum 'Tapi yang tertua berkata,'. Ini adalah hanya pemimpin-pemimpin kami, yang berteriak karena gembira pada pendekatan kita. "
    Kemudian mereka datang kepada lain pepohonan, di mana semua daun itu dari emas, dan setelah itu untuk yang ketiga, dimana daun semua berlian berkilauan. Dan prajurit itu pecah cabang dari masing-masing dan setiap kali ada suara keras, yang membuat gemetar adik bungsu dengan ketakutan;

    namun yang tertua masih berkata, itu hanya para pangeran, yang menangis karena gembira. Jadi mereka terus sampai mereka tiba di sebuah danau yang besar, dan di sisi danau ada perahu kecil terbaring dua belas dengan dua belas pangeran tampan di dalamnya, yang tampaknya akan menunggu di sana untuk putri.
Salah satu putri masuk ke perahu masing-masing, dan prajurit melangkah ke dalam perahu yang sama dengan yang termuda. Ketika mereka mendayung ke arah danau, pangeran yang berada di perahu dengan putri termuda dan tentara itu berkata, "Aku tidak tahu mengapa, tetapi meski aku mendayung dengan semua saya mungkin kita tidak naik begitu cepat sebagai biasa, dan saya sangat lelah:. perahu tampaknya sangat berat hari ini '' Ini adalah hanya panas cuaca, "kata sang putri: '. Saya merasa itu sangat hangat terlalu' Di sisi lain dari danau berdiri denda puri diterangi, dari yang datang musik gembira dan terompet tanduk. Di sana mereka semua mendarat, dan pergi ke benteng, dan masing-masing pangeran berdansa dengan putri-Nya, dan tentara, yang sepanjang waktu tak terlihat, berdansa dengan mereka juga; dan ketika salah satu putri memiliki secangkir anggur yang ditetapkan olehnya, ia minum semuanya, sehingga ketika dia meletakkan cangkir ke mulutnya itu kosong. Saat ini juga, adik bungsu sangat ketakutan, tapi selalu dibungkam tertua nya. Mereka menari di atas sampai pukul tiga pagi, dan kemudian semua sepatu mereka aus, sehingga mereka

    harus meninggalkan off. Para pangeran mendayung mereka kembali lagi ke arah danau (tapi kali ini tentara itu menempatkan dirinya di perahu dengan putri sulung), dan di pantai seberang mereka mengambil cuti satu sama lain, para putri berjanji untuk datang lagi pada malam berikutnya.
Ketika mereka tiba di tangga, prajurit itu berlari sebelum putri, dan meletakkan dirinya ke bawah, dan sebagai dua belas saudari perlahan datang sangat lelah, mereka mendengar dia mendengkur di tempat tidurnya, maka mereka berkata, "Sekarang semua cukup aman ', kemudian mereka menanggalkan pakaian sendiri, menyingkirkan pakaian bagus mereka, melepas sepatu mereka, dan pergi tidur. Di pagi hari tentara itu berkata apa-apa tentang apa yang telah terjadi, tetapi bertekad untuk melihat lebih dari ini petualangan yang aneh, dan pergi lagi pada malam kedua dan ketiga, dan segala sesuatu terjadi tepat seperti sebelumnya, para putri menari sampai sepatu setiap kali mereka dipakai untuk
potongan, dan kemudian pulang ke rumah. Namun, pada malam ketiga prajurit terbawa salah satu cangkir emas sebagai tanda di mana dia.
Begitu tiba waktunya ketika ia menyatakan rahasia, dia dibawa sebelum raja dengan tiga cabang dan cangkir emas, dan dua belas putri berdiri mendengarkan di balik pintu untuk mendengar apa yang akan dikatakannya. Dan ketika raja bertanya kepadanya.
'Di mana saya dua belas

   putri menari di malam hari? "dia menjawab, 'Dengan dua belas raja di sebuah puri di bawah tanah' Dan. kemudian dia mengatakan raja semua yang telah terjadi, dan menunjukkan padanya tiga cabang dan cangkir emas yang telah dibawanya. Kemudian raja memanggil para putri, dan bertanya kepada mereka apakah apa prajurit katakan itu benar: dan ketika mereka melihat bahwa mereka ditemukan, dan bahwa itu tidak berguna untuk menolak apa yang telah terjadi, mereka mengakui semuanya. Dan raja meminta prajurit yang dari mereka dia akan memilih untuk istri, dan ia menjawab,-Dan mereka menikah hari itu, dan prajurit itu dipilih untuk "Aku tidak terlalu muda, jadi saya akan memiliki tertua." menjadi ahli waris raja.