Sinopsis Film 5cm dalam Bahasa Inggrls

5 cm drama Indonesia is released on December 12, 2012. The film is directed by Rizal Mantovani. The film stars Ali and Fedi Herjunot Nuril.
The film is based on a novel entitled to 5 cm.

Genta (Fedi Nuril), Arial (Denny Sumargo), Zafran (Herjunot Ali), Riani (Raline Shah) and Ian (Igor Saykoji) are five teens who have been making friends for ten years. They have a different character. Zafran's poetic, a little "crazy", as it is, idealistic, somewhat narcissistic, and has the talent to be famous. Riani which is a smart girl, chatty, and has ambitions of his ideals. Genta, a man who is not happy for himself, so has the soul of a leader and be able to make other people comfortable around him. Arial, a man termacho among other players, like exercise, most obey the rules, but the most awkward acquaintance with women. Ian, he has the body most fertile than his friends, fans and football indomie, most late graduation. There is also Dinda who is the younger brother of Arial, a beautiful student who actually loved Zafran. One day the five of them are "saturated" with their friendship and eventually all five decided to break up, do not communicate with each other for three months.

During the three months of separation longing, much has happened in the lives of five of them, something that changed them each to be better in life. After three months later the five of them were reunited and celebrated their meeting with a journey full of dreams and challenges. A journey of the heart by raising the red white saka Java on the highest peak on August 17. A journey full of struggle that makes them more love Indonesia. Adventure in this story, is not a challenging adventure of adrenaline, to see the greatness of the divine from the top of the mountain. But this adventure, way too careful. Heart to love a close friendship, and the heart that loves this country.
Any obstacles they may face, because they have a dream. Dreams are placed 5cm from the front of the forehead.